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Help companies select the right Cloud Platform for Data Warehouse and Big Data applications

Optimize Cloud Migration Decisions

Optimize Dynamic Capacity Management in Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment

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BEZNext offers performance and financial Governance solutions for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments

Data Warehouses and Data Lakes
Migration to the Cloud
Hybrid Multi-Cloud

How to select right cloud data platform


Predict the minimum configuration and budget required to meet SLGs for Data Warehouse applications

How to optimize cloud migration decisions

How to evaluate ETL processes, Security, Applications and Data consolidation options and optimize decisions during planning and migrating Data Warehouse workloads to the cloud 

How to optimize dynamic capacity management, FinOps and DevOps decisions


How to predict the minimum configuration and workload management changes required to meet SLGs for each workload on each cloud platform and set realistic expectations

Determine performance and financial anomalies, root causes, and recommend resource allocation and workloads management parameters like profiles and concurrency limitations necessary to meeting continuously SLGs for all workloads 

BEZNext Keeps You A Step Ahead

With solutions that optimize your cloud data platform selection, migration to the cloud and dynamic capacity management of Hybrid Multi-Cloud environments

Assure Performance

Lower Cost

Reduce Risk


February 2020
February 1, 2020

February 2020

Boris Zibitsker Presented “How to select appropriate IT infrastructure to support Digital Transformation” at CMG Impact2020[…]

BEZNext offers World-Class Cloud Decisions Optimization Solutions

Let us assist you in your journey to the cloud and management of your Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment

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