Cloud Platform
Carbon Footprint

Assessing the Environmental Impact of Cloud Data Platforms

Predicting Cloud Data Platforms Carbon Footprint for Large Data Warehouses

Our white paper delves into the environmental aspects of cloud data warehousing, utilizing BEZNext's Cloud Performance Optimization methodology to evaluate and compare the energy usage and carbon emissions across leading cloud data platforms.

Through a detailed case study, we demonstrate how data from Performance Monitoring and observability are leveraged by our advanced modeling and optimization technology to assess and contrast the energy consumption and carbon footprint of platforms such as Snowflake, Teradata Vantage, and Amazon Redshift. This analysis is critical for making informed decisions regarding cloud platform selection, migration strategies, and the ongoing management of cloud resources, especially in terms of cost and environmental impact.

By providing insights into the power consumption and carbon emissions associated with various cloud data platforms and business workloads, this paper aids organizations in navigating the complexities of achieving sustainability goals while optimizing their cloud data warehouse solutions.