The finance industry collects large amounts of data dealing with individual credit card purchases, credit approvals and investment performance. Their IT groups are constantly challenged by huge swings in transaction volumes and new financial product launches in an industry that is constantly looking to innovate in anticipation of the needs of its diverse customer base.



Government systems support many of the world’s most strategic and valuable services. Often challenged by budgetary and legislative mandates, these critical systems are constantly facing potentially risky change and require the ability to anticipate what impact that change may have well in advance. A number of agencies, departments and branches of government have called upon the experts at BEZNext to help lower the risk of change through a capacity management approach.



The retail industry has pioneered the use of large-scale data warehousing. They ingest large amounts of point-of-sale data in near real-time, constantly looking to anticipate the needs of store locations around the globe. They use analytic models to predict trends and future outcomes so that they can streamline their massive supply chain and squeeze out additional margin in an ultra-competitive market. They run these analytic applications on large, very expensive, massively parallel systems. These systems have become critical to the company's success. They have turned to the experts at BEZNext to develop their Capacity Management process.



Who knows more about managing risk than the insurance industry? When they want to limit the risk of costly IT infrastructure changes, they call on the experts at BEZNext.



The telecom industry experiences change on a scale and velocity that is unheard of in any other industry. They must make strategic decisions while understanding how tactical performance management and operational workload management choices will impact their strategic direction, now or in the future. They don’t have the time or the people to benchmark all of their possible decision scenarios. They rely on the experts of BEZNext to facilitate an analytic approach to IT decision making.



Manufacturers require optimized IT infrastructures that support just-in-time manufacturing goals and overall quality attainment. They use Order Management systems and BI applications to obtain these business objectives. Our manufacturing clients turned to the experts at BEZNext to help them with speeding up the decision making process around IT change. The range of decisions being evaluated ranged from strategic direction to operational performance management of specific applications.


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