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Founded in 2011 by Dr. Boris Zibitsker, BEZNext offers Performance Assurance software and services for Big Data and Data Warehouse applications On Prem and Cloud Environments.

BEZNext assists companies to select the appropriate Cloud platform for Data Warehouses, Big Data applications, and Dynamic Capacity Management of Hybrid Cloud and On Prem environments

We are experts in modeling and performance optimization, and our software incorporates ML, AI, and Queueing Network Modeling and optimization technology to compare options and make the most effective strategic, tactical and operational decisions during the entire application life cycle. It includes performance engineering for new applications, performance management and workload management optimization of the production environment, and strategic capacity planning for the future.

Our software and services provide actionable recommendations on how to continuously handle growing business demand and achieve acceptable performance with lowest cost.

Why BEZNext

What makes BEZNext unique in the marketplace?

There are many reasons why BEZNEXT is the best partner for enterprise scale performance assurance needs

What makes BEZNext Performance Assurance solutions unique in the marketplace?

Performance Assurance solutions reduce risk of

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Our board of advisers include proven executives and visionary thought leaders in Performance Prediction, Optimization and Performance Assurance, including Jeff Buzen, Dan Kaberon, Mark Friedman, and Ron Warshawsky


We have provided Performance Assurance services to many Fortune 500 companies from different industries, including Retail, Telecommunications, Insurance, Finance, and Manufacturing.


We work in conjunction with our partners to create a custom consulting team that will address your specific needs. We will pull in expertise from all of our partner organizations to form a best of breed consulting team that will be assigned to your project. Our consulting Partner organizations include:

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