BEZNext Solutions For Big Data, Data Warehouse And Cloud Applications

Our solutions provide customers actionable recommendations aiding in optimizing performance and lowering the cost. The Solution offerings for New Application Development, Dynamic Performance Management and Capacity Planning outlined below are based on our technology incorporating advanced prediction, prescription and optimization technology. We also offer consulting services delivered by professionals with vast experience in this space.

Because your needs may be unique, we are able to customize these offering to your specific requirements. Our team is ready to help you to improve performance consistency and lower the cost of your environment. Please contact us to receive further information on these offerings and how we may assist you.

Our Performance Assurance solutions for Big Data, Data Warehouse and Cloud Applications include Application Development Optimization, Dynamic Performance Management and Capacity Planning

How We Optimize New Applications Performance

  • Predict how new applications will perform in production environment
  • Develop proactive tuning, workload management and capacity planning recommendations to satisfy SLGs for new applications
  • Apply ML algorithms to discover anomalies and root cause during DevOps

Distribution of Anomalies for each workload

How we Optimize Performance Management

  • Determine most frequent and severe anomalies and root causes
  • Determine seasonal peaks and recommend changes for Workload Management rules
  • Apply modeling to evaluate Performance Management options
  • Automate results verification

Workloads with Most Frequent Anomalies

Most Frequent Root Causes

How we Optimize Capacity Planning Decisions

  • Apply Predictive Analytics to Capacity Planning focusing on continuously meeting SLG’s for all workloads with minimum cost:
  • Predict the impact of expected increase in number Users and Volume of Data to determine when SLG’s will not be met and justify hardware and software upgrade plan
  • Predict the impact of new application implementation to size hardware requirements.
  • Predict the impact of anticipated move of workloads and data to different platforms and justify proactive capacity management measures necessary to meet SLG’s with minimum cost
  • Automatic results verification and feedback control

Recommended Actions Plan