BEZNext offers software and services optimizing Cloud Decisions

We are experts in Modeling and Performance Optimization

BEZNext offers cloud decisions optimization software and services for right cloud data platform selection, migration to cloud and Dynamic Capacity Management software and services for Data Warehouse and Big Data applications working in Hybrid On Prem and Cloud environments.

Our software and services automate data collection, workload aggregation, characterization and forecasting Determine performance and financial anomalies and root causes Apply modeling to evaluate options and optimize decisions Modeling results set realistic performance and financial expectations Automatic results verification compares actual measurement performance and financial data with expected Decisions based on modeling and optimization reduce uncertainty, increase confidence and reduce the risk of performance and financial surprises It enables better collaboration between business representatives and IT Leaders

BEZNext Cloud Performance and Financial Governance Functions

BEZNext Cost Performance Assurance Solutions

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The Need

Current Focus

BEZNext Technology Optimizes Cloud Performance and Financial Governance

Illustration of Modeling and Gradient Optimization determining
the minimum configuration required to meet SLGs for all business workloads

Cloud Data Platform Selection

Assist with an appropriate Cloud Data Platform selection for on-prem workload

Review our white paper on "Which Cloud Data Platform is Best for Your Data Warehouse?":

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Migration Decisions Optimization

How do we assist with cloud migration decisions optimization

ETL Migration Optimization

Tokenization Considerations:

Modeling and Optimization optimizing application development and operational decisions prior to new applications deployment

Cost/Performance Optimization During Dev/Ops

Recommendations to Application Developers during DevOps process prior to new Application deployment

Recommendations to Operations during DevOps prior to deployment of new Application

Select cloud data platform for new application prior to deployment

Set up realistic performance and financial expectations Organize process of verification of results and development proactive recommendations

Verify results

Cloud Performance Flowchart

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Optimization Dynamic Capacity Management

Cloud Performance Flowchart

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BEZNext Offers Hands-On Workshop on Cloud Performance and Financial Governance


Workshop participants will learn how to:


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