BEZNext offers software and services optimizing Hybrid Multi-Cloud FinOps decisions during DevOps and Dynamic Capacity Management

We are experts in Modeling and Performance Optimization

BEZNext offers Dynamic Capacity Management Performance Assurance software and services for Data Warehouse and Big Data applications working in Hybrid On Prem and Cloud environments. We are experts in modeling and performance optimization and our unique software incorporates ML, AI, Iterative Queueing Network Models and Gradient Optimization technology to assist customers with Cloud Selection and determining Dynamic Capacity Management actions necessary to meet applications Service Level Goals with lowest cost. We apply our technology during entire application life cycle, starting with Performance Engineering during DevOps for new applications, Performance and Workload Management in production environment and Strategic Capacity planning, helping clients compare options, predict cost and select the most appropriate Cloud and On Prem solutions.

BEZNext Dynamic Capacity Management and Performance Assurance Solutions

Our History

The Need

Current Focus

BEZNext Technology automates and optimizes cloud data platform selection and dynamic capacity management decisions

Typical Projects

Cost/Performance Optimization During Dev/Ops

Recommendations to Application Developers during DevOps process prior to new Application deployment

Recommendations to Operations during DevOps prior to deployment of new Application

Select cloud data platform for new application prior to deployment Predict the minimum configuration and budget required for deployment of the new application on different cloud data platforms, taking into consideration

Set up realistic performance and financial expectations Organize process of verification of results and development proactive recommendations

Predicted Minimum Configuration Required to provide satisfactory RT for new application after deployment on cloud data platform

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Optimization FinOps decisions during Hybrid Multi-Cloud Dynamic Capacity Management

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BEZNext Hands-On Workshop on Cloud Data Platform Selection and Dynamic Capacity Management for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment



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