Cloud Challenges

Challenges of cloud cost optimization and performance control

Once an organization has decided to pursue a cloud strategy, many decisions must be made to complete the journey from on-premises to the cloud or manage your existing cloud as it evolves. The following lists some significant destinations along the way at a high level:


Selecting the appropriate cloud platform, determining the minimum configuration and budget needed to meet business performance goals


Cloud migration decisions optimization


Continuously managing the performance and cost as workloads grow and change


Sizing of new analytic and generative AI applications before deployment into the cloud

The journey becomes increasingly complex, considering that 92% of organizations utilize a hybrid multi-cloud environment. This complexity occurs as special interest groups form within organizations around specific technologies.

Unfortunately, many of the decisions made along the way are not based upon verifiable data. Indeed, some organizations make platform decisions before identifying the workloads that must be supported. A company will spend, on average, as much as $12M annually for cloud services. What business leader would make such consequential decisions without data to back it up?

Gartner estimates that 80% of organizations exceed their planned cloud budgets. But unfortunately, a poor decision-making process inevitably results in unrealistic goals, higher costs, and unhappy executives. Conversely, data-driven decision-making enables improved collaboration among IT, financial, and business stakeholders.

In addition, it reduces the risk of economic or performance surprises, providing stakeholders with realistic expectations faster and with greater accuracy. BEZNext FinOps optimization software and services deliver all these benefits.

How to make the right decisions during the Journey to the cloud

  • Observe and inform
  • Model and optimize
  • Verify and control

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