Performance Monitoring

Making with Modeling

Cloud benchmarks aren't enough

Beyond Benchmarks: Enhancing Cloud Decision

This white paper challenges the reliance on traditional cloud benchmarks, presenting the limitations of standard and custom benchmark tests in cloud decision-making processes. We introduce the BEZNext methodology, which enhances benchmark insights through comprehensive performance monitoring, workload analysis, and advanced cloud performance and cost optimization techniques.

By integrating BEZNext's modeling and optimization technology, our approach enriches benchmark data, facilitating clearer decisions on cloud resource allocation, workload management, and cloud scalability. Our performance and cost prediction models provide critical insights, identifying the optimal configurations and budgeting requirements to achieve desired service levels, streamlining the process of cloud data platform evaluation, migration planning, capacity management, and DevOps strategies. This methodology not only optimizes performance and cost efficiency but also aids in assessing the carbon footprint in a Hybrid Multi-Cloud ecosystem, ensuring a balanced approach to cloud performance management and fiscal control.