Cloud Cost Management

Making with Modeling

Which Platform Is Best for Your Cloud Data Warehouse?

Optimize Your Cloud Data Warehouse Selection

Find the optimal cloud data warehouse for your needs. In this white paper, we delve into a case study using BEZNext's cloud performance and cost optimization — a methodology that combines modeling and optimization to pinpoint the most cost-effective configuration to achieve your Data Warehouse service level objectives on leading platforms like Snowflake, Teradata Vantage, and Amazon Redshift.

Learn how cloud cost management technology plays a crucial role in managing and minimizing cloud computing costs. Our findings are not just limited to these platforms; they extend to evaluating other major platforms such as Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Databricks across various cloud environments including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Our cost prediction models provide realistic expectations, allowing for effective performance and cost management in a complex, hybrid multi-cloud landscape.